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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jan 22, 2019

Awaiting Approvals At Purchase Committee

10 New Oil-Fired Power Plants

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Ten new oil-fired power plants having an accumulated capacity of 1,000 MW are about to be installed in different parts of the country, among which most are awaiting approvals from the cabinet committee on the public purchase. Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB or PDB) has selected the responsible companies to install those power plants each having an average capacity of 100 MW.

According to the related sources, proposals of 7 out of those 10 power plants are sent to the cabinet committee on the public purchase and 2 more are also to be sent soon. The power division couldn’t take any final decision about one of the plants yet.

Related sources claimed that, the proposals couldn’t be approved in the cabinet meeting in this week as the power secretary was out of the country at that time, and they would get approved in the next week as the secretary would come back within that time.

The 10 power plants are to be installed in Chandpur, Choumuhoni, Bagherhat, Bogra, Jamalpur, Feni, Meghnaghat, Thakurgaon, Rangpur and Shantahar. All the oil-fired plants are to be financed by the respective private companies and the plants will be installed and operated in Build–Own–Operate (BOO) approach.

The power division requested some info on the proposed oil-fired power plants of Bagherhat and Shantahar to the PDB, which caused a bit delay in approvals of those two companies. However, according to the related sources, the PDB has informed the power division that, all these oil-fired power plants will be installed and operated in BOO approach and the respective companies will bear the cost of installing substations and transmission lines to an extent.

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