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Dhaka Sunday,  Feb 17, 2019

Price Yet To Be Fixed

Electricity Import From Tripura Hanged

Rafiqul Bashar

In spite of being complete installation of grid line electricity import from Tripura has been leg behind due to unsolicited of fixing price.

It is supposed to import 100 MW of electricity this December from Tripura has been failed. Infrastructure for transmission the power has been installed but price yet to be fixed. Both countries are banging to fix the price.

Source informs, a joined committee has been formed to fix the price. The committee are discussing on that issue.

State minister of power, energy and mineral resource minister Nasrul Hamid said, we are discussing to fix the price. We will take a decision in short time. He added proposed price of state government of India is a little high for us. Patna power plant is far from Bangladesh. So using transmission line to transmit electricity will be increase the cost.

At first India proposed 9 cent per unit then they offered 8 cent but Bangladesh want to buy with 6 cent.

Nowadays Bangladesh is importing 500MW of electricity from India through Veramara. 450MW from government of India 4.5 cent per unit and the rest from retail market 5.5 cent per unit. So the Tripura electricity price is a little high.

Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) informs we completed the grid line installation Comilla-kasba in time which will be used to test transmission. Bangladesh government installed 47 kilometre transmission lines in Tripura-Comilla sub-station with the fund of PGCB. 400KV 28 kilometre power line was installed to connect Comilla (North) sub-station to border; 132kv 19 kilometre to connect Comilla (North) to Comilla (South). The cost of the installation was tk172cr. India almost installed there transmission line to transmit electricity to Bangladesh.

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