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Dhaka Monday,  Jul 23, 2018

33k Illegal Gas Connections Terminated By Titas On April

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Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company limited has cut a total of 33 thousand and 609 illegal household gas connections along with the illegal gas connections of 2 industrial and one commercial entities in this April.

Titas, one of the state-owned distribution authority has been conducting drives to detect and eliminate the illegal gas connections throughout its service area. A mobile court headed by an executive Magistrate have been conducting the drives against the illegal connection of gas for the last couple of years, said the sources from Titas.

The mobile court disconnected the illegal gas connections of a few local business entities at Sonargaon on 6th April. The task force also wiped out 13,453 feet long unlawful gas pipelines at Madhya Telipur, Candra central mosque area of Gazipur having a diameter of 2 inches on 5th and 11th April.

The mobile court also terminated 3,450 feet long pipeline having dia of 1 and 2 inches from Sripur, Gazipur area on 25th April and 29,529 feet long pipeline having dia of 3 inches from Bhaberchar and Baumia area of Narayanganj district on 19th April.

Another divisional team of Titas conducted drives against the illegal gas connections on 5, 10, 12, 17, 19 April. The team eliminated 93,474 feet long pipeline having dia of 1 and 2 inches from different areas of Tongi and 12,343 feet long pipeline having dia of 1, 2 inches from Chandra area on 20th April. The team terminated 33,510 feet long pipeline having dia of 2 inches from Bandar and Fatulla area of Narayanganj on 6th and 16th April, 40, 700 feet long pipelines having dia of Sripur area on 11th and 19th April.

All of the disconnected pipelines were used to distribute illegal gas connections to different illegal consumers. Titas terminated a total of 2,97,125 feet or 90.56-kilometer long illegal gas line connections which ensured disconnection of about 33 thousand and 609 individual illegal gas outlet.

Mohammad Wahiduzzaman, Manager (Public Relations) of Titas said that, according to the Bangladesh Gas Act, 2010, initiating and utilizing any illegal gas connections is a punishable offense. He requested the mass to refrain from dealing with such illegal activities.

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