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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jun 30, 2015
In the latest weekly production data from the EIA, on the back of recent March revisions, the U.S. managed to post a 76,000 barrel per day increase in the lower 48. Production from Alaska fell by 61,000 barrels per day, putting overall U.S. output 15,000 barrels per day higher for the week ending June 12 compared to the previous week. This comes at a time when multimillion barrel draws have... »

Power Sector

Armenia president suspends electricity price hike after protests

Armenia Protest Armenian President Serzh Sarkisian on Saturday suspended a controversial hike in electricity prices but the move failed to appease protesters who vowed to keep up with the largest anti-government demonstrations the ex-Soviet nation has seen in years. Thousands have taken to the streets of the capital Yerevan since June 19... »

Gas Sector

Russian firm may be awarded gas well drilling, BAPEX ignored

GasDepositDiagram Ignoring the growing demand for empowering BAPEX, the state-owned gas and oil corporation, the government  has now moved to award Russian firm Gazprom the job of drilling the country’s four gas wells, energy experts alleged. These gas wells are Bakhrabad-10, Rashidpur-9 and 10 and 12 Srikail-4. The Energy Division on... »


Expect A Wave Of Consolidation In The Oil Industry

oil.crude world rig_9 As stated previously, asset monetization by small E&P operators will start in earnest in the second half of this year out of cash flow necessity. Most, if not all, smaller market capitalization companies, public or private, are still free cash flow negative (operating cash flow less capital expenditure) and only... »

EB Reports

Opening new Bangladesh Deputy High Commission in Guwahati

india In pursuance of the Joint Declaration issued on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi to Bangladesh from 6-7 June 2015, the Government of India has conveyed its concurrence to the request made by the Government of Bangladesh to open a Deputy High... »

Green Pages

Russia signs MoU with Myanmar for nuclear energy

Myanmar3.JPG Russia and Myanmar have signed a MoU for cooperation in peaceful use of nuclear energy during the International Economic Forum held at St. Petersburg recently. This document lays the legal foundation for interaction between two countries in the area of nuclear energy. A similar MoU was also signed between Russia... »

Coal Sector

Underground Coal Gasification contamination

Queensland Government widens legal action against Linc Energy

power-companies-using-high-ash-coal-may-face-legal-action The Queensland Government has widened its legal action against resources company Linc Energy over the alleged contamination of the environment by its underground gas plant on the Darling Downs in the state’s south-east. The Government has today filed a fifth charge of wilfully and unlawfully causing serious environmental harm against... »

Something to Say

How Much Energy Does The Super Bowl Use?

superbowl In the pantheon of American culture, no event is more iconic and distinctly American than the Super Bowl. Like all things American, the Super Bowl is huge, expensive, and a source of incredible passion for fans. Just running a 30-second commercial to the more than 100 million people that watch... »


UN climate talks stall despite G7 push on carbon

g7 Calls by the Group of Seven (G7) Monday to slash world carbon emissions did little to boost UN climate talks in Bonn, where frustration mounted over the snail-like progress. Groups of countries pleaded for greater efforts to streamline a draft text for a climate pact due to be adopted at... »