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Dhaka Monday,  Jul 23, 2018

Bangladesh Raises Cyclone Warning To 10 For Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar Ports


Bangladesh upgraded danger signal to 10 for two maritime ports on Monday evening after Mora developed into a severe cyclonic storm.

The cyclone warning for the ports in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar has been upgraded to great danger signal No. 10, the weather office said in a special bulletin.

Weather forecasters issued danger signal No. 8 for Mongla and Payra.

Cyclone Mora was centred 385km south of Chittagong port and 305km from Cox’s Bazar port, the meteorological department said in a special bulletin at 6pm.

The storm system is likely to intensify further as it moves in a northerly direction and make landfall in Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar on Tuesday morning, it said.

Cyclone Mora is expected to cause thunder showers accompanied by gusts in maritime ports and coastal areas.

The sky in capital Dhaka was cloudy. Heavy thunderstorms have been predicted with temperature dropping to 27 degrees Celsius on Monday night, according to AccuWeather that provides weather forecasting services worldwide.

On Tuesday, heavy rain with strong winds is expected in the capital. Wind may gather speed of up to 63km and gusts up to 93km per hour, AccuWeather said

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