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Dhaka Thursday,  Oct 18, 2018

Barisal Gets Least Power While Dhaka Consumes Most

Rafiqul Bashar

Barisal gets the least amount of electricity among the largest or divisional  cities of the country. Sylhet holds the 2nd least consumer of electricity while Rangpur gets more electrcity than Sylhet. Dhaka the capital consumes the most power at a percentage of just below fifty of the country’s total electricity consumption.

The information were revealed by studying the distribution list of 18th April of this year while the country touched its ever higest record in electricity generation on that same day. The record and list was maintained by the state-run Power Development Board (PDB), Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB).

At that record date, the country produced 9,212 MW of electricity among this amount around 579 MW were consumed by the transmission system along with some depriciation. Which means consumers got around 8,633 MW of electricity on that day.

About 3,447 MW power was supplied to the Dhaka region on that day which was 39 percent of the total genaration. Barisal got only 2.18 percent of the total genearation, which is only 189 MW.

Khulna region got 1,064 MW of power which is 12.32 percent of the total generation. Chittagong got 938 MW which is 10.86 percent of the total amount generated on that particular day.

Rajshahi region consumed 894 MW (10.35 percent), Comilla got 781 MW (9.9 percent), Mymensingh consumed 555 MW (6.42 percent), Rangpur got 415 MW (4.8 percent), Sylhet got 350 MW (4.05 percent) on the record making day.

A related Engineer of a state-run agency informed that, the country had not experienced any load-shedding on the day, every region got their desired power on that particular day. Chittagong consumes less electricity than Khulna, how can it be justified? Answering this question the official said that, Chittagong and Comilla are now separated from each other, which made the distribution ratio seems impractical to someone

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