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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jun 19, 2018

Decision On Sending Letters To Ministries To Pay Due Electric Bills

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A decision is taken to send letters as a reminder to all the ministry and government offices that have their electric bills due. The decision was taken at a recent meeting held in the power division.

Besides, the letter will include a message for the ministries requesting that they have to forbid the respective government offices to spend the allocated money for the electric bill to other sectors.

On the last October 11th, the decision was taken at a meeting held on behalf of six power distribution agencies regarding the due bills of the government, semi-government and autonomous organizations.

The meeting sources claimed that, 40 of the division and ministries have a total of 1,364 crore and 7 lacs taka due to the six power distribution companies including PDB, REB, DPDC, Desco.

The related sources also claimed that, some of the government offices don’t pay electric bills habitually. They don’t even respond to any of the letters asking to pay the due bills. Along with the bill defaulter government agencies, some of the bill collector and related officials are also responsible for the huge amount of due bills till today, said the related sources.

Power division secretary Dr. Ahmed Kaykaus presiding over that meeting said that, the government has to subsidize the sector in order to supply power to a lower price while the power generation cost is comparatively higher. To ensure the financial well-being of the power distribution agencies all of them should pay the bills in due time, he added.

A high official of the power division said that, the government allocates fund in the name of power sector for every government agencies. But, the agencies tend to utilize that fund on to other things rather than paying their electric bills. The meeting also decided to add a direction to spend the allocated money in paying the electric bills at the next assignment letters. It was mentioned in the meeting proceedings that a total of eight decisions were taken to collect the arrears.

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