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Dhaka Friday,  Aug 17, 2018

Discontent in Northern Power over Voluntary Retirement Order

Mahfuj Risad

Discontent is seen among the employees of the North West Zone Power Distribution Company Limited (NWZPDC) regarding an official order of voluntary retirement from Power Development Board (PDB).

According to the related sources, the employees of NWZPDC were ordered to sign at a paper declaring voluntary retirement from PDB, yet no one submitted any signed paper like this.

The paper in brief says that, the signer with his consent is retiring PDB and also declaring his/her consent (option) in joining at NWZPDC or something like that. However, the employees reported that, the language of the paper is dubious, hazy and brief enough. They suggested disclosing the venoer agreement and other related things in details before such kind of ‘voluntary retirement order’.

Company secretary ABM Imtiaz Uddin issued this departmental order of option paper for the employees of NWZPDC. But, it is reported that, still to date no one have submitted any signed option paper.

Earlier, on 1st October of 2016 the new power distribution company NWZPDC has started its operation for distributing power in Rangpur and Rajshahi region. A total of 2,600 employees of PDB of that region were transferred to the new company in lien. NWZPDC has no own policy to run it. However, the new company hasn’t disclosed its vendor agreement with their new employees and now offering ‘option’ to retire from PDB which have created discontent among the employees of PDB who are currently in lien.

NWZPDC managing director Eng. Zakiul Islam issued a letter to PDB to know the procedures and decision on pension, time and other related issues of the employees that have joined NWZPDC from PDB in lien. Md. Selim Reza, the director (action) of PDB wrote back on behalf of PDB saying that, a list must be sent back to PDB containing the names of the willing employees to join NWZPDC within 15th September. In response to this requirement of the list, NWZPDC has sent option paper in all of their offices of Rangpur, Rajshahi.

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