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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jun 19, 2018

EP Seminar: Securing Sustainable Energy A Huge Challenge

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Ensuring sustainable energy is a big challenge for Bangladesh. In fact, due to some financial and technical factors,  ensuring sustainable energy is always very challenging for any developing countries like Bangladesh.

Speaker of a seminar titled ‘Sustainable Energy in Future’ told like this on Thursday. The seminar was organized by a fortnightly magazine named Energy & Power at the Bidyut Bhaban in the city.

Tajul Islam, the president of the parliamentary standing committee on power, energy and mineral resources presided over the seminar. Among others Professor Dr. M Tamim, the faculty if BUET, Mohammad Hossain, the director general of Powercell,  Eng. Khandakar A Salek Sufi addressed at the seminar as key speakers while Mollah Amzad, the editor of Energy & Power moderated the program.

Tajul Islam said that, quality power service is still out of reach which is expected to be attainable by some more time. Skilled manpower is a must for ensuring sustainable energy and in order to develop skilled manpower we need quality institutions, he added.

Dr. M Tamim said that, efficient utilization of energy may lead us to save up to 30 percent of energy. More sophisticated development is needed in power generation and utilization to enhance the overall efficiency of the energy sector. He added that, there are many people that are still deprived of utilizing mainstream energy resources. “We need to ensure energy for all”, he said. Energy crisis is one of the reasons which hindering the development of the country. Efficient utilization of energy may also reduce the production cost by 20 percent. Reduction of misuse and extravagant usage of energy and power is a must to avail that level of efficiency. More and more utilization of solar energy, implementing automation system in the sectors and spreading awareness among mass people will also help us to ensure sustainable energy, he added.

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Mohammad Hossain said that, renewable energy won’t help that much to ensure sustainable energy. It is a huge challenge for Bangladesh and both the government and private sector should take part in the mission of ensuring sustainable energy.

Salek Sufi said that, skilled manpower is needed to ensure sustainable energy and that is why more and more training is needed. But unfortunately, right person is not getting the right training. In order to win the international deals, not only the engineers and technical personnel are needed to be trained up but accountants, lawyers, administrative officers like non technical personnel are also needed to be trained up, he said.



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