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Dhaka Monday,  Jun 18, 2018

Finance Minister On Power Sector In Budget Speech

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Finance Minister AMA Muhit in his budget speech said that, the country’s electricity generation capacity has raised while load-shedding was lessened. Already 80 percent of the countrymen has access to electricity, rest 20 percent will get access to electricity within the year of 2021. Country’s dependency on quick rental power plants will also start to decrease after 2018, he added.

AMA Muhit also informed that, a number of 33 power plants with a combined capacity of 11,214 MW of electricity are already under construction and in a situation like this, the government has also planned for another 24 power plants to be installed which will have a combined capacity of 11,124 MW.

The finance minister also said that, according to the government’s long-term master plan, the construction process of coal-based power plants of Rampal, Matarbari, Payra and some other private-sector power plants will continue. Besides, the government has taken steps to install 4 power plants at Maheshkhali with the economic assistance from Malaysia, South-Korea, Singapore, he added.

Again the government has also taken necessary steps to import electricity from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, India under some sub-regional cooperation pacts, he stated. He also said that, an atomic power plant is also to be installed in Rooppur.

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