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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jan 23, 2018

Gas Reserves At 5 Fields Depleting Way Faster Than Projection

Arun Karmakar

Gas reserves at five gas fields are found to be depleting way faster than the estimation that made by the government earlier. The gas fields of Fenchuganj, Semutang, Sundalpur, Salda and Rupganj are seemed to be failing to provide the projected amount of gas on a daily basis. Among the 5 fields, the gas production at Sundalpur and Rupganj fields has come down to zero level recently.

All these aforementioned fields are owned and managed by the state-run Bapex (Bangladesh Petroleum Exploration Company Ltd). According to the government’s projection, the five gas fields were estimated to produce 47 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of gas, but as of December 2017, these fields are now generating only 18.20 mmcfd.

Prof M Tamim, head of Department of Petroleum and Mineral Resources at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), said that, this incident indicates unprofessionalism and lack of expertise of the Bapex team. Bapex failed to interpret the field data and estimate the correct amount of gas reserve of those fields. However, it’s possible that they might have shown extra reserves at the fields to gain an extra bonus from the government. Bapex officials get an extra bonus from the government whenever they discover a new and viable gas field.

The pressure of the largest gas fields of the country like Bibiyana and Titas is also decreasing, indicating depleting reserves of gas of the respective fields. The country’s demand is around 3,500 mmcfd and according to the data on the Petrobangla website, the country’s 22 gas fields produce 2,676 mmcf of gas per day. The deficit in the gas production is not likely to be met until the import of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas).

1 Comment on “Gas Reserves At 5 Fields Depleting Way Faster Than Projection

  1. Iqbal,BD

    This is a wakeup call (Gas) for the Gov, stop importing coal, buying electricity from India + at the expence of only foreign reserve coming from hard earned foreign remittance & revenue from Garment export
    Its high time and not too late yet , exploit the country’s own vast coal field by establishing mine mouth coal fired power generating station, This will contribte to economy by providing job opportunity for the vast unemployed and encourge much needed inward foreign investment in BD. Please take note for those in policy making and advisor to AL Gov.


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