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Dhaka Saturday,  Feb 16, 2019

Government Imposed Financial Burdens On The Mass People

EB Report

The government imposed a new financial burden on the neck of the mass
people by raising the price of gas just to serve the interest of some
businessmen. “This is truly an injustice”, said Anu Mohammad the
member secretary of National Committee to protect oil, gas and mineral
resources, power and port

The government has raised the price of gas by 22.73 percent on an
average. Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) released a
public notice regarding the revised prices on Thursday. The new price
of gas will enact in two phases, first from 1st March and the second
phase will be enforced from 1st June of this year.

BERC has become a farcical organ of the government said, Anu Mohammad.
BERC organised public hearings in last year on the price hike
proposals submitted by the state-owned gas companies and the Technical
Evaluation Committee (TEC) of the BERC found no clue behind the price
hike proposals. However, the government, at last, hiked the gas price
saying that it’s for the sake of country’s energy security. Anu
Mohammad claimed that the government is trying to facilitate some
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) businessmen by upraising the pipelined
gas. But, it will impose a great financial pressure on the day to day
living people who may not use pipelined gas as the price of other
daily commodities is about to go high soon. This is a pure injustice,
the government loaded it on the neck of the helpless countrymen, said
Anu Mohammad.

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