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Dhaka Wednesday,  Feb 21, 2018

Govt Plans To Generate 2000 MW Power From Renewable Energy: Nasrul Hamid

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State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid today said the government has a plan to boost the power generation capacity to 2,000 megawatts from the renewable energy sources by 2020.

“The government is giving special importance to the renewable energy sources along with the conventional energy sources to ensure electricity for every house by 2021,” he said replying to a query from Jatiya Party lawmaker Semlim Uddin (Sylhet-5) in the house here.

At present, he said, the country is producing nearly 450 MW power from the renewable energy source including solar, windmills, biogas and hydro, he said.

1 Comment on “Govt Plans To Generate 2000 MW Power From Renewable Energy: Nasrul Hamid

  1. Mahmud Abbas

    What is wrong with these policy maker not have the forsight to develop their own vast coal reserve , dragging thier heal unable to ink coal policy long overdue. Why on earth they embark on wasting central bank foreign reserve importing coal from abroad. On the positive note at least AL govt have taken bold step to set up big coal fired plant south. They need to rethink develop the north , set up coal plant close to mine mouth. This will open up huge employment opportunities badly needed for the millions living north

    We all know Climate change is a big hoax engineered by the so called scientist to keep status in society , just like the bogus Durwin theory, they have no idea how complex our climate is , not influenced by human that for sure.


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