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Dhaka Tuesday,  Jan 23, 2018

Govt To Set Up 6 Solar Charging Stations For Easy-Bikes

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To ease the pressure on grid-power, the government has taken an initiative to use solar power to charge the battery-run three wheelers namely easy-bikes. The government has already installed a Solar Charging Station (SCS) at Keraniganj and 3 others are running at a trial basis in other places. The government is now on its way to set up 6 new more SCS throughout the country.

Sources from power division informed that, the funding to set up those solar charging station would come from the division itself. 3 of the new stations will be installed by Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) while Dhaka Power Supply Company (DESCO) will install 1, Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) will install 1 and Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) will install 1 of the SCS.

BREB has been operating one SCS at Keraniganj since January of last year. The SCS of Keraniganj has a capacity of 21 KW and has been operating as a pilot program of the power division. The cost of installing that SCS was 51 lacs and 70 thousands taka. Dhaka Palli Bidyut Samitee-2 (PBS) has funded the SCS which can now charge a total of 20-25 easy bikes at a time. The cost of charging each easy bike is 50 taka and the charging cost of each battery is 40 taka.

BPDB has installed another 2 SCS at Chittagong and one other at Sylhet. Each of the SCS has a capacity of generating 20 KW of power.

Most of the easy bikes are usually charged from illegal outlets of the 11 KV electricity connections. According to the government’s estimation, it requires at least 800 to 900 MW of power to charge up those easy bikes at a daily basis. This is such a waste of valuable power and the government is also depriving of getting revenue as the connections are mostly illegal.

Recently, in a meeting of the power division, the government has decided to generate more electricity from the renewable sources. Installing those SCSs was an outcome of the meeting. Addressing the importance of renewable energy the state minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid said at the meeting that, Bangladesh is now generating a total of 470 MW electricity from the renewable sources. He also informed that, the government is planning to generate 600 MW of electricity from solar energy and 600 MW of electricity from wind energy.

1 Comment on “Govt To Set Up 6 Solar Charging Stations For Easy-Bikes

  1. Engr. G K M Jafarullah

    Actually we are looking for solar energy operated easy bike for starting a business in Jessore. But the concept is different to my thought. It needs 20KW Solar Generating station to charging batteries of Easy Bike up to the capacity of 20-25 easy bikes at a place. The charging cost estimated @Tk.50/- per bike or Tk.40/- per battery.
    But no comments on profit by investing 51 Lac & land required for the production of Solar Energy. On the other hand if public will be motivated to produce a PSP what the other facilities i.e. Income Tax relief plus no VAT facilities to be provided.
    Is it possible to use ipff system from Bank?
    Thanks & regards.
    Engr. G K M Jafarullah
    Consultant/ Power Plant


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