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Dhaka Saturday,  May 26, 2018

Human Chain Against Anti Rampal’s Hartal

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A Human Chain was organized at the city on yesterday supporting the installation of the Rampal Power Plant. The message that the organizers were trying to deliver through this human chain was that, the power plant of Rampal would be a completely environment-friendly establishment which wouldn’t harm the adjacent Sundarbans.

The organizers also criticized the anti-Rampal activists and their upcoming half-day hartal on 26th January claiming that, the environmentalists are not well aware of the real situation. They have
also alleged that, a group unwilling to witness the development of Bangladesh is deliberately impeding the installation of the power plant at that location.

The human chain was organized at the city on Wednesday demanding a timely completion of the installation of the power plant of Rampal. National Awami Party (NAP) Vashani, Tafsil Jati Federation,
Gonomorcha, Bangladesh hartal prevention committee and some other peer minded organizations organized the event. Among others Kazi Masud Ahmed, Ashraf Ali Hawlader, Mizanur Rahaman and Banga Dip M A Vashani
(2nd Vashani) spoke on the occasion.
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The organizers of the event took their stances against the Anti Rampal activists who have been opposing the government decision on installing the power plant at the proposed location. Speakers of the event said
that, Rampal power plant would dramatically change the overall scenario of the south-west part of the country. The south-west part of the country must need a power plant to cope up with the pace of development that is happening at the other parts of the country.

However, on the other hand environmentalists and organizations from all over the world have expressed their concern on installing the coal-based power plant of Rampal near Sundarbans. Even, organizations
like UNESCO and Ramshar also expressed their anxiety on installing the power plant at the current location.

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