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Dhaka Monday,  Jun 18, 2018

India Announces $5 Billion For Bangladesh


Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the announcement during the joint media briefing at the Hyderabad House after his one-on-one-meeting with Hasina and the bilateral talks.

Modi rolled out a $4.5 billion line of concessional credit for the implementation of projects in Bangladesh. This brings India’s funding for Bangladesh to more than $8 billion over the past six years.

Announcing an additional $500 million to Bangladesh for military supplies, Modi said: “In implementing this line of credit, we will be guided by Bangladesh’s needs and priorities.”

India expanded its co-operation for energy security which in Modi’s words is an “important dimension of our development partnership”.

“Our energy partnership continues to grow.”

India added an additional 60 megawatts of power to the 600 megawatts of power already flowing from India to Bangladesh.

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