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Dhaka Wednesday,  Mar 20, 2019

Lightning Kills 70 People In Two Months In Bangladesh


The Ministry of Disaster Management disclosed the figures of March and April against the backdrop of recent deaths by lightning as thunderstorms struck the country.
In the last two days of April, as many as 29 people died as storms swept across the country, said Disaster Management Minister Mofazzal Hossain Chowdhury Maya.

At least 12 people died in March and 58 people died in April in parts of Bangladesh, according to government data.

“The government is deeply concerned about the tragic incidents. We urged people to be careful during the storms.”

The minister also encouraged people to dial 1090 to get weather information in advance.
The government has remained alert this year taking lessons from last year’s landslides that killed 166 people in hilly areas.

The minister advised farmers to harvest boro as early as possible to avoid the storms.

Most lightning deaths occur in a warmer period from March to July in Bangladesh.

Up to 300 people died in lightning strikes a year in Bangladesh due to thunderstorms, Sujit Kumar Debsharma, former director of the now-defunct SAARC Meteorological Research Centre in Dhaka, told

Cumulonimbus clouds cause the thunderheads. It is a dense, towering vertical cloud. It is not only creating the thunderheads, but also a cause of lightning strikes, heavy rains, rock storm, gusty wind and tornado.

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