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Dhaka Monday,  Oct 22, 2018

LPG Is Being Sold Illegally In The Market

Mhabub Roni

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) cylinders are found to be sold illegally in the market. The trend, unfortunately, has become so popular that, it might seem like treating the LP Gas cylinders as just a regular grocery item. Accidents are often caused due to selling unfit and faulty cylinders which indicates absences of proper security and quality control in almost every sphere of the cylinder marketing. The situation is so poor that it always poses a threat of any major accidents.

The government has already decided to shift from pipe-lined gas to cylindered gas for the households. The usage of cylinder gas is expected to increase by several folds in the next few years. The importer and marketer companies of the LPG are appointing dealers in the district and Upazila levels to sell their LPG cylinders. The dealers are selling these cylinders to retail sellers. There is a regulation for acquiring a clearance license from the Department of Explosives and take necessary security measures for holding more than 10 cylinders. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, dealers and retail sellers are not found to be serious about that licensing and taking security measures.

According to the explosive act 1884 ‘The LP Gas Rules 2004’- section no 69 and rule no 2, there is no need for licensing for holding up to 10 gas filled cylinders. But you must take a license for holding any more than 10 cylinders. According to section, no 71, the cylinder reservoirs facility must have adequate fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment. In reality, LP cylinders are found to be sold in many parts of the city’s Uttara, Jatrabari, Mohammadpur, Azimpur, Mirpur area in different retails shops. Needless to say that, in most of the cases the retail sellers are found to have no license. Besides, different sources claimed that, the scenario is almost as the same and scary in most other parts of the country.

LP gas is a highly flammable gas. The LPG cylinder warehouse is needed to be designed with special design otherwise it may lead to a lethal blast. However, according to the explosive act, in violation of this law, any businessman will be punished with imprisonment for not less than two years and not more than five years and not more than 50 thousand taka and if he/she fails to pay the fine, then there will be imprisonment for another six months.

Regarding this matter, the Chief Inspector of Explosives Department Shamsul Alam said that if any business entity has more than 10 LP gas cylinders, then it will have to take the certificate mandatorily from the Explosive Directorate. Business without certification is absolutely illegal. But in places of the country, the rule is violated.This is a huge risk for public safety and a threat for market development. He added that, the department’s manpower is inadequate. But local administration or police sub-inspector (SI) or any other senior officer can visit the market and take necessary action against the violators of the law. The Deputy Commissioner and the Thana Executive Officer have been asked to strengthen regular supervision of the market in this regard.

In general, LP gas is supplied from the producer or importer to the dealers and then sent to the retail sellers. In this case, the importers or producers have a practice of verifying the explosive directorate license of the dealers before appointing them. But, the system is not maintained later in the chain. A random retail seller once said that, they don’t feel any urge to acquire the license as no one even ask them for it, besides, dealers don’t encourage that much to obtain the license. Dealers are even alleged to encouraging the retail sellers to buy cylinders with the money that will be required for ac

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