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Dhaka Thursday,  Oct 18, 2018

Part Of The city Had No Gas, Caused Mass Sufferings

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Part of the city’s kitchens and other natural gas users got stuck on the last Sunday as the gas supply stopped suddenly without any prior notice. The gas supply was totally stopped from the morning in the region of Rampura, Banasree, Mahanagar Project, Khilgaon and other adjacent areas of the city.

Unfortunately, Titas gas, the state-run gas distribution company did not notify the customers before this disaster, which made the situation worse. In the last Sunday night, Dhaka South City Corporation has cut the 6-inch diameter distribution line of Titas gas while setting up a sewerage line at the area of Rampura High School. Titas stopped that distribution line in the midnight which actually caused the havoc in the morning.

The accidental absence of the gas service forced most of the people to collect breakfast from the local restaurants. Long queues were seen in most of the restaurants in the morning on those areas where gas supply was stopped.

Engineer Mir Moshiur Rahman, the managing director of Titas said to Energybangla that, the refit of the tripped line was started immediately after it was noticed. He also claimed that, the gas supply situation got back to the normal situation at around noon times of the same day.

However, in reality, it was alleged that, the situation of gas supply was not normal until the evening or night in some areas. The impact of sudden disruption of gas supply caused havoc in the CNG stations of the affected areas, which actually wasted a long time for many of the CNG and CNG run vehicle owner of those areas.

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