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Dhaka Monday,  Apr 22, 2019

Phulbari People Organized rally demanding coalmine

The people of Phulbari area organized an open rally demanding implementation of the Phulbari coalmine. The rally was organized in the Friday morning at the Phulbari Bus Stand . Hundreds of people joined the rally. The speakers in the rally with the slogan “Want Immediate Implementation of the Phulbari Coalmine” raised strong voices to the Government for immediate implementation of the coalmine for resolving unemployment problem of the area. Otherwise greater demonstration will be developed in demand of implementation of the coalmine, the speakers added.
The meeting was presided over by Mr. Zabed Ali, former UP member of Hamidpur Union Council. Md. Mashiur Rahman, manager of Mirza Group of Industries, Freedom Fighter Anwarul Haque, UP member of Shibnagar UP Council Md. Bablu, UP member Md. Nurul Islam, Sekender Ali Zinnah, Md. Mostafizur Rahman Dalim, who is the manager of Pphulbari Cold Storage, Aladipur UP member Md. Serajul Islam, Md. Nabab Ali, Md. Salam, Md. Masud Rana, Md. Badsha, Md. Humayun, Md. Rubel, Md. Anwarul Islam, Md. Sabuz and Md. Faruk among others spoke in the rally on behalf of the People from all social classes of Phulbari. The meeting ‘Want Immediate Implementation of the Phulbari Coalmine’- was anchored by Md. Mosharraf Hossain.
Mr. Moshiur Rahman told in the rally, “we do take oath today standing together on a same line regardless the beliefs and opinions we want implementation of the coalmine for the development of the peoples’ fate of the region and for resolving unemployment problem of the area. Today, those are demonstrating against coalmine development are the agent of foreign quarter, and they do not want development of the area. They do not want unemployment problem gets resolved. They will not do anything for the nation, and don’t let the nation take anything from others. So, everybody has to be vigilant so that they cannot de-motivate people toward wrong path.” He also said, Barapukuria coalmine and Modhyapara Hardrock mine have been implemented, and huge employment opportunity has been created there. People from Phulbari area do not get employment there. So, our people will get employment if the Phulbari coalmine project is implemented.
Freedom Fighter Md. Anwarul Haque said the honorable prime minister will has to take immediate initiative to implement the mine. If coal extraction starts from the mine, the country will get relief from the severe energy crisis, at the same time the coal can be delivered to the coal-fired power plants and other industries across the country including northern region.
Former UP member of Hamidpur UP Council Md. Zabed Ali said no new industry is being constructed due to severe energy shortage in the country. The govt is unable to provide ensured supply of gas and electricity to the industries. The industry-owners are incurring financial losses, agriculture sector also became helpless. In this circumstance, four thousand megawatts of power can be generated if Phulbari coalmine is implemented, and the govt can be benefited economically utilizing the additional power suppose to be generated from the coal. In addition, employment opportunity would be created for the area’s 35 thousand unemployed youths. So, the govt will have to accept our demand and to take immediate step for coal extraction from the Phulbari coalmine. Otherwise, the people of the area will build stronger demonstration in near future in demand of the coalmine development.


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