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Dhaka Sunday,  Jun 24, 2018

Power division Couldn’t Spend A Single Tk In 33 Projects!

EB Report

The power division couldn’t utilize a single Taka at a number of 33 several projects of the Annual Development Program (ADP). As of today, PDB’s 8 projects, REB’s 5 projects, PGCB’s 6 projects, DPDC’s 2 projects, Desco’s 3 projects, WZPDCL’s 1 project, EGCB’s 3 projects, Ashuganj power station’s 1 project, CPGC’s 1 project, SREDA’s 1 project, and RPCL’s 2 projects are among these untouched 33 projects.

Sources from the power division have informed that, the total progress of the 85 ADP projects of the power division was 38.34 percent for the last 6 months of the fiscal year of 2016-17. Out of a total allocation of 16 thousands, 40 crore and 8 lacs BDT for the 85 projects, only 6 thousands, 17 crore and 98 lacs BDT were spent in implementing of a total of 49 projects. Rest of the projects are yet untouched.

Out of the 49 ongoing projects of the power division, a total of 25 projects utilized less than 40 percent of their allocated amount while rest 24 projects utilized more than 40 percent of their allocated amount.

Some of the uninitiated projects of the power divisions are, upgradation of 70 MW power station at Shahibazaar to 150 MW, upgradation of 150 MW power station at Sylhet to 225 MW, upgradation of 100 MW power station at Baghabari to 150 MW, strengthening Dhaka-Chittagong main power grid project, 5 MW solar grid projects of Kaptai and so on.

Earlier, the state minister for Power Energy and Mineral Resources Nasrul Hamid criticized this kind of untimely implementation of projects of the country’s power sector while. He urged to implement all the projects of the power sector within the due time-frame.

In a recent report made by the Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation (IME) division of the government stated that, untimely implementation of the ADP projects cause huge losses to the government and also leads to inertness in implementing the future projects. However, IME expressed its fear saying that, the government may fail to reach its goal of being a middle-income country within the expected time if all the all the organs of the government fail to implement their projects in due time.

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