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Dhaka Sunday,  Nov 18, 2018

Power Tariff To Hike Again From December 1st

Mahfuj Risad

Power tariff is hiked for one more time confirming the rumors that hinted at the public hearings held recently. The power tariffis raised by 5.3 percent or Tk 0.35 per kilowatt-hour/unit on an average which will be enacted from 1st December of this year.

The Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission has declared the tariff hike of retail power on yesterday, although the state minister of power, energy and mineral resources had recently claimed that, his government was not that much interested in raising the tariff.

The tariff of power is almost doubled for particularly middle-class consumers. An amount of Tk 25 demand charge is introduced for them. These certain class consumers have to pay around Tk 8.5 for per unit of electricity which was around Tk 5 earlier.

power price high charts energy banglaHowever, consumers will not have to pay the minimum charge from now on and even in a few cases, the electricity bill may go lower. The customers will be billed in a system like ‘pay as you go’. Earlier, the minimum bill for each customer was fixed to Tk 100 and this system is abandoned in the new tariff.

The new power tariff is adjusted depending on different capacity distribution lines. Consumers who got connections from high capacity distribution lines will have to pay higher comparing to the consumers who brought connections from low capacity lines.

The retail rate for household consumers using 0-50 unit has been fixed at Tk 3.50 per unit; 0-75 unit at Tk 4 per unit; 76-200 unit at Tk 5.45 per unit; 201-300 unit at Tk 5.70 per unit; 301-400 unit at Tk 6.02 per unit; 401-600 unit at Tk 9.30 per unit and above 600 units at Tk 10.72 per unit. All the customers will have to pay Tk 25 as demand charge who initiated their lines from 230 V distribution lines.

Use of 75 units per month will cost Tk 325 instead of Tk 310
Use of 100 units per month will cost Tk 461 instead of Tk 439
Use of 150 units per month will cost Tk 759 instead of Tk 711
Use of 250 units per month will cost Tk 1,341 instead of Tk 1,251
Use of 350 units per month will cost Tk 1,952 instead of Tk 1,815
Use of 450 units per month will cost Tk 2,743 instead of Tk 2,547
Use of 1000 units per month will cost Tk 8,543 instead of Tk 7,939

Consumers that fall between the load capacities of 50 kW to 5 mW of power have to pay around 8 Tk for per unit of electricity. The tariff in the peak-hours (5 pm to 11 pm) will be Tk 10 and it will be Tk 7.20 in off-peak-hours (11 pm to 5 pm). Most of the middle-class people have this kind of connections in the households.

BERC last raised the power tariff for retail consumers on September 01, 2015, by 2.93% or Tk0.18 per unit on a weighted average



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