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Dhaka Saturday,  Feb 16, 2019

Prices of Cooking to Transport, Even Commodities Go Up

EB Report

The fresh price hike decision of gas that came about on last Thursday
will sharply raise the living costs of the mass people, said Prof.
Shamsul Alam, a renowned energy expert of the country. The government
could easily take the bypass route to minimise the subsidies in this
sector only by lessening the price of bottled gas namely Liquefied
Petroleum Gas (LPG), he added.

The government has raised the price of gas by 22.73 percent on an
average. Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) released a
public notice regarding the revised prices on Thursday. The new price
of gas will enact in two phases, first from 1st March and the second
phase will be enforced from 1st June of this year.

Shamsul Alam, who is also the energy advisor to the Consumers
Association of Bangladesh (CAB) in his reaction to this price hike
said that, the government didn’t consider the adverse effect of this
price hike that would upraise the living cost of the common people
sharply, rather the government only considered the interest of some

He said that, transportation cost, house rent and above all the price
of daily commodities will go up soon, which will add a huge burden to
the low and middle income people. The government claimed that they
were trying to minimize the subsidies in the country’s energy sector
by upraising the price of gas which is clearly a lame excuse said the
energy expert. The government is trying to popularize the use of LPG,
it’s a decent idea and the government should lower the price of LPG in
first place. If the government could make the LPG affordable and
available enough then, the use of pipelined gas would go down

The government literally failed to take control over the LPG sector
and that is why, LPG isn’t popular yet. However, there would be a
revolution in the household usage of gas if the government would
popularize the LPG by lowering the price of it.

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