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Dhaka Saturday,  May 26, 2018

Rampal Will Surely Harm The Sundarbans: Indian Expert

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Soumya Dutta, an energy expert and green activist of India warned saying that, the Rampal Power Plant would have a long-term disastrous impact on the adjacent Sundarbans and local inhabitants.

Soumya Dutta addressed in a roundtable organised by ‘All for Sunderbans’, a civil society platform, in the capital’s Mahakhali area on today and said that, the under construction coal-fired power plant of Rampal would only harm the nature of adjacent areas no matter how advanced super or ultra-super critical technology is used.

Soumya Dutta said that, the ecology of the Kutch area of Gujrat was utterly destroyed due to 2 coal-fired power plants named Tata Mundra Ultra Mega Power Plant and Adani Super Thermal Plant. The ecosystem of the adjacent mangrove forest named Mundra was damaged heavily due to that two power plants, he claimed.

Soumya Dutta, who is also the general secretary of the India Peoples Science Forum observed that, the aquatic ecology, including fish and sweet water sources of a 15-20 km radius area was destroyed heavily. 60 percent of the Mundra forest was disappeared and local inhabitants started having various aspiratory diseases after 2-3 years of commissioning of those two power plants.

He said that, the ecosystem of Sundarbans is much more enriched biodiversity of the forest is vast and installing a coal-fired power plant in that area would harm the total ecosystem of the area for a long-term period.

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