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Dhaka Sunday,  Jun 24, 2018

REB consumers cross 1.75 crore

EB Report

The government wants to make electricity available to every household
within 2021. Keeping this vision in mind, Bangladesh Rural
Electrification Board (BREB or REB) has counted its subscriber
crossing 1.75 crore in last December.

In last March 2016 REB had reported having a total number of 1.5 crore
of subscribers. So it suggests that, REB gained a total of 25 lacs
customers in the last 7 months. A total of 79 Palli Bidyut Samities
(PBS) are extending and initiating the new connections throughout the

REB has a plan to ensure electricity for 90 percent of families of the
country within 2018, confirmed by REB affiliated sources. REB is a
fast moving provider of electricity in rural areas which is driven by
the government’s ‘Electricity to every household by 2021’ vision.REB
is also expanding its transmission lines besides providing new

The chairman of REB Brig Gen Main Uddin said, there will be no
application left pending. We’re trying to give connection against each
pending application, he added. There will be no village or household
without electricity and we’ll attain 100 percent electricity coverage
by 2021, convicted by the chairman. Household subscribers are getting
the connection as priority basis, he confirmed.

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