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Dhaka Tuesday,  May 22, 2018

ROSATOM Enters Wind Power Sector

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Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM has approved partnership of its

affiliated company “OTEK” with the Dutch company “Lagerwey systems b.v.” for wind

power projects.

“We are speaking about formation of the entirely new industry in Russia”, said Kirill

Kamarov, First Deputy Director General of ROSATOM. “ROSATOM sees its goal not

only in building of wind farms, but in development of regulatory system, personnel

training system, production localization, certification, R and D system for the wind

power. We have the second to none experience and knowledge in creation of new

industries from the scratch, as we solve such tasks daily in our nuclear energy segment

both in Russia and worldwide”.

“The future energy balance is based on low-carbon technologies like nuclear power and

renewables combined together. The decision to diversify our marketing portfolio in low-

carbon energy is a logical follow-up in our overall business development of strategy.

Moreover, it corresponds to the government’s 2017-2025 strategy aimed at shifting to

the sustainable “green” development model”, added Kamarov.

After studying the feasibility of partnership with a number of wind turbines

manufacturers “OTEK” proposed ROSATOM to approve a deal, based on a number of

criteria like innovative design, experience, availability of logistics, parts and components

in Russia, readiness of a foreign partner for localization and maximum technology

transfer. The goal of the partnership is to develop the production of the wind turbines in

Russia. In 2017 a joint venture will be formed to ensure maximum commitment of the

both partners to the implementation of the projects in Russia.

ROSATOM has already evaluated the potential growth of domestic wind power market.

By 2024 wind power generation capacity will rise up to 3.6 GWh with annual turnover of

approximately USD 1.6 billion. The potential volume of market for wind power

equipment, facilities, maintenance and after sales services is about USD 6.3 billion.

ROSATOM plans to build wind mills of 610MW capacity during 2018-2020 and localize

the production of parts and components of wind turbines including blades for 250MW a

year. The localization process will involve ROSATOM’s production facilities of

“Atomenergomash” and UMATEX Group.

Power generation is a key contributor to growing CO2 emissions, and the future of

humanity depends on a well-chosen source of power. According to the International

Energy Agency, nuclear technology generates 38% of 'green' energy in the world.

According to experts nuclear and renewables complement each other. Nuclear stations

provide base load and work regardless of weather conditions, generating power 24/7.

Renewables are strongly dependent on weather conditions.

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