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Dhaka Monday,  Jun 18, 2018

World Meteorological Day Today

The Seasonal Variety In Bangladesh Is Changing

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The world’s weather is changing more rapidly than expected because of the temperature all over the world, which is rising day by day. Cold is not felt that much in the winters nowadays, the storm comes before the rainy season. As a whole, the complexion of the seasonal variety in Bangladesh is also changing. In fact, at present, it is difficult to experience the beauty of autumn, late autumn and spring.

The environmentalists fear that, if the current situation continues the temperature may increase by 5 to 6 degree within the next 50 to 60 years. As an essence, seasons are losing their prevailing characteristics gradually.

In that situation like this, this year’s world meteorological day is about to be observed today throughout the world. At least, 191 of the countries have been observing this day on the 23rd march every year. Environment division in Bangladesh informed that it is going to organize various programs in regard to the day. Besides, different initiatives are also taken to observe the day in regional offices.

On climate issue prominent environmentalist Shah Alam said that, our environment is changing and particularly three seasons are getting more dominant over the rest three. People have to adopt with this change. He added that, the winter season is usually finished before its usual time so does the rainy and summer.

Recently the American National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration published a report on climate change.  The report shows that the climate change in recent time is a significant one after 1950. The consequence is the temperature is 8 degrees higher than the usual temperature recorded in December.

Environmentalists are saying that the weather changes after every 8 to 12 years. After 1998, the severe flood of 2004 strokes the country. Cold wave was never shown after 2003. Because of El Nino people from various parts of the world have been experiencing some unusual weather behavior since 2016. In fact, 2016 was the hottest year in recent past decades. Weather Department indicates that Bangladesh may experience high temperature and extreme rain in 2017 like other parts of the worlds.

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