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Dhaka Monday,  Apr 22, 2019

Ways To Reduce Electricity Bill

In the last decade, power generation in the country has increased by four times while electricity demand is also increasing day by day. In this situation, the government has taken some initiatives to increase electricity generation capacity by saving energy. Electricity users of residential areas can reduce their electric bill in various ways. Here are some tips.

Stay in the limited slab:

According to the electricity usage, there are different types of bills in each step. According to DPDC or DESCO’s tariff, if someone’s electricity usage is limited to 75 units, then the bill will be 4 taka per unit. But the bill will be 4.45 taka the usage limit is more. The third step is from 201 to 300 units. In that case the bill will be 5.70 taka.
The bills from 301 units to 400 units will be available at Tk 6.02 per unit. 401 to 600 units bill rate of 9.30 Taka. More than that, the bill will be 10.70 taka per unit. That means if the use of electricity is limited to low steps, the bill will be less.

Use energy savings equipments:

The electricity bill can be reduced at least 4 times by using energy saving bulbs, or LED lights, instead of conventional bulbs. Although the price of an energy saving bulb is a little higher; its durability is also more than conventional one. It is cost-effective in bills also. It is available of inverted refrigerator, AC, washing machine. Using these appliances can reduce the electricity bill by two-thirds.

Controlled use of AC:

the controlled use of AC can also reduce electric bills. The temperature of the AC should always be kept at 25 degrees Celsius. You can use fan instead of AC after a certain degree of cooling. It is good to have a timer in the night, to automatically shut down the AC after sometime.

Use of quality wire:

Electricity bills often depend on the connecting wire. If the wire is of bad quality, connection becomes weak which results in low voltage output and increased bill. If the sub-station of multi-storied building is old, it would lead to excessive bills. At least once a year, these instruments should be tested. Less electricity usage can be ensured by regular cleaning of AC and refrigerator filter.

Use of alternative instrument:

You can use cooker instead of using micro-oven for cooking or heating food. Slow cooker or toaster can be used. Iced food can be defrosted drowning in water instead of being heated in micro-oven.
The electricity bill can be reduced if hot water setting is not used while using washing machine.

Keep off switch:

If you do not use fan, light, TV, computer then put off the electric switch. If you do not use machines or iron, you should unplug it. If you do not use computer or TV, keep it in sleeps mode or just put it off.
Use of renewable energy: Now, electricity distribution companies have made compulsory use of solar power in multi-storey buildings. They can also use solar power, where there is a shortage of electricity or more load shedding. Besides, it is better to create a tendency to take advantage of sunlight by not using of electric light inside the house during the day. It can reduce the use of electricity in residential.

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